The Davis Family

...we can not tell you how excited the kids were before the skype me video, our son even said, "santa is boring", then you proved to be very alive. thank you.


            -jim and mary davis

                           orlando fl






The Grimes Family

...grampa wanted it to be a special holiday during his visit, so he had santa talk to our 4 kids together and what a joy it was. they will never forget this gift.


               -edward grimes

                 bakersfield ca







The Gari Family



                       -deming gari

                  barcelonia spain


live santa video visit



live video visit live group visit pre-recorded video 


This year make it a Christmas to remember forever for your children and family with a LIVE Santa Video Visit at home, school, chuch or work, using your broadband and windows computer. Works with Skype Software


Unlike a "boring letter", or email, this is a REAL - LIVE in-person Santa Video Visit with Santa Claus one-on-one.Great for your own kids, friends, an elementary school, daycare center, sports team, church, company employee party, or your own family holiday party.


Santa Claus Video Visits are perfect and safe for children, who are a little shy seeing Santa in-person at the mall. Santa will surely put the "MAGIC" back into this holiday with a happy, fun, and most of all, traditional jolly old time with Santa Claus for the whole family.


Yes - this is a traditional Santa Claus loved children of ALL ages!




> Your Santa Video Visit Options Include...


* Santa's Audio Phone Call - his LIVE Skypetelephone style call like any normal phone call, but held using your free Skype Software. Call is placed in private directly to your home pc, or a landline. The entire call is recorded FREE and saved in MP3 as a exciting family keepsake for your kids, friends and circle of love.


Santa's Live Video Visit - his LIVE Skype video visit right over the internet, to your home pc, or office. Video is recorded LIVE and saved as a Microsoft Windows Media file. It is then made available for playback and sharing. You can even download the video from within your FREE Magical Message Family Webpage. Share the webpage worldwide with family and friends as well.


* Santa's Magical Personalized Recorded Video - his pre-recorded video message offering a custom Magical Video Message created by Santa  for your children. Perfect for very young kids, whom are still a little shy and not ready to interact with Santa Claus in-person. This also makes a great gift for the grandkids, or a friend's kids. You even enjoy the Windows Media File for download inside your FREE Magical Web Page just like the above options.




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The Santa Video Visit Process is Easy....


* 1) Select a Santa Visit option using the links at your left now, or above.


* 2) Remit your payment using Santa's PayPal system.


* 3) Fill out Santa's Family Questionaire, share details with Santa about your children and also select a date and time for your Santa Video Visit.


* 4) Prepare your voip software, or Skype Software  and be ready on the date and time you requested for Santa to visit your home via video, or audio.


> Bonus: "All Services Include FREE Family Web Page!


Imagine your children's excitement when you say; "Hey kids, Santa is on Computer Video for You". Santa also has some "holiday friends" join him on his phone call option including Eddie the Elf and even good old Frosty the Snowman.

Christmas is a magical time, this year it can be even more spectacular when your family visits with Santa Live by Skype phone or Skype Software video.

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Download Fun MP3 Christmas Ringtones!